Black Leaf Travel Rig with Torch

Artikkelnr.: 221845-28

MaterialBorosilicate Glass Colours - Red PrintBlack Leaf Logo Dimensions155x115x58mm GrindSG 12 (12mm) Percolator / DiffuserSlit Diffuser Iceno Kickholeno Oilyes AccessoriesBanger, Torch, Carb Cap, Tool InfoComes without Gas

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Practical and easy-to-use travel rig from Black Leaf® which is especially interesting and nice to have for dab beginners. Because this kit contains everything (except the wax or oil) you need for dabbing. The oil rig comes with slit diffuser, banger, carb cap and torch. In addition, because the torch sits in the bong base, you have your hands free when heating. And you can concentrate fully on the dab.

✔️ Torch installed for more hand freedom and even heating

✔️ Safe stand due to bong housing

✔️ Everything needed included: dab rig, banger, carb cap, dabber and jet burner

The torch is attached to the side so that the banger base to be heated can be placed exactly above the flame. This way, the banger is heated nicely and evenly because the piezo ignition detects the flame. The flame height can be regulated with the adjusting wheel.

The slim shape and the plastic housing make it easy to hold the glass pipe in your hand for inhaling as soon as the vapour develops. With the other hand, you can then comfortably regulate the air supply with the carb cap to produce particularly dense and rich vapour. To prevent the vapour from becoming too hot, diffuser slits allow air and bong water to swirl vigorously. This cools and filters the smoke.

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