eGo-C Atomizer 2 X Coil

Artikkelnr.: eGo-C Atomizer

eGo-C Atomizer With 2 x coil

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It´s a LR atomzier for eGo-C e-cigarette, come included atomizer base, coil heads, and cone(exclude drip tip).

eGo-C has a innovation change on atomizer, the design let atomizer coil can changeable.

eGo-C atomiser also called eGo-C atty, composed by an eGo-C atomizer base, coil head and atomizer cover. Atomizer is a heating unit for e-cigarette, used for heating e-liquid to producing vapor.

eGo-C atomizer is an essential part of the electronic cigarette to convert liquid into vapor. Though our eGo-C atomizer is made with very high standard, it´s possible to breakdown by high frequency of using. So it´s clever to have a couple of spares for contingencies.

High qualtiy eGo-C Atomizer

  • Colors: Black, stainless steel
  • eGo-C Complete Set Atomizer (head + base + cone)

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