Black Leaf Boxed Bong Perco Ice for Herbs/Oil

Artikkelnr.: 211806

MaterialBorosilicate Glass Colourclear/blue PrintBL Logo Height365mm Diameter110/60/45mm GrindSG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm) Wall Thickness3-5mm Percolator / DiffuserDrum Percolator Iceyes Kickholeno Oilyes AccessoriesShotgun Pipe, Pre-cooler, Herb Bowl with Gl

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This 2-in-1 bong kit from Black Leaf® has a multi-level percolator ice bong including a bowl with integrated glass screen for dry herbs, a pre-cooler with 3-arm percolator, a banger made of quartz glass as well as an 'BL' shot gun pipe made of glass for the quick hit in-between. Every glass part is stowed safely in a hard foam bed, packed in a hard carton box with carrying strap for safe transportation!

The 'BL' bong with multi-chamber system cools and filters the smoke in several stations. Starting with the slit diffuser adapter in which the herb bowl is plugged in, the smoke path leads through a drum percolator drum percolator which ensures more swirls and more bubbles into the next chamber.
The splash guard diffuses the smoke which is at last cooled by the ice cubes held by the ice notches above the cylindric slit-diffuser.

For even cooler smoke, place the pre-cooler between bowl and adapter.

Thanks to the included banger, this bong can be used for dabbing. Simply replace the bowl for herbs with the banger and enjoy your oil or wax! The banger is made of quartz glass which, in contrast to borosilicate glass, is permanently heat-resistant - the heat keeps itself better and longer, which is very important for dabbing.

The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated only at the pan, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

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