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Artikkelnr.: Gletscher prise Snuff Tobacco

The market leader – menthol with Columbia oil. Snuff is a a very fine cut tobacco and is also called nasal snuff which means you inhale it through the nose.

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The pinch
Start with a small amount of nasal snuff equal to a pinch and inhale just like you were smelling on a flower. This will guarantee the highest enjoyment. Pause a few seconds after inhaling. This way you can experience the full flavor of the snuff and enjoy the tingly feeling of freshness.Sniffing
To sneeze after a pinch of snuff is not prohibited. But the more often you enjoy snuff, the less often you have to sneeze. Whether you prefer nasal snuff from the back of your hand or the fingertips, the enjoyment afterwards is most important.Tips
A snuff must be slightly moist. Should it ever fail to flow easily out of the box, a light tap will usually loosen it. Try all of Pöschl´s nasal snuff blends. You are bound to find your favourite aroma!

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