Red Eye Dopegear Reusable Roach

Artikkelnr.: Red Eye Dopegear Reusable Roac

Size 7mm x 32mm x 7mm Packed Weight 2g

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Red Eye

Part of the new Red-Eye Dopegear range, the Reusable Roach eliminates the need for butchering your skins packets.

The aluminium Reusable Roach can be used over and over again and won´t ever get soggy or bent! Not only that, but, due to its conical shape, with the Reusable Roach you´ll roll a perfect cigarette every time.

The Reusable Roach is the ultimate in tar reduction and saves a lot of fuss when all you wanna do is settle down with a fat jack.

Colours vary.

Hey! Like metal reusable roach? Well wrap your mind around this baby. The Splif Stik by Red-Eye is an ingenious filtering unit that comes with TWO reusable roaches that allows your smokes to fit snugly into the end.

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